Welcome to the official Web site of  Boy Scout Troop 390 . We are chartered by Faith Lutheran Church of Fairlawn, Ohio. We belong to the Old Portage District in the Great Trail Council of the Boy Scouts of America.

BSA Troop 390 - Fairlawn, Ohio 
BSA Troop 390 - Fairlawn, Ohio 
BSA Troop 390 - Fairlawn, Ohio 
BSA Troop 390 - Fairlawn, Ohio 
BSA Troop 390 - Fairlawn, Ohio 
BSA Troop 390 - Fairlawn, Ohio 
BSA Troop 390 - Fairlawn, Ohio 
BSA Troop 390 - Fairlawn, Ohio 
BSA Troop 390 - Fairlawn, Ohio 
BSA Troop 390 - Fairlawn, Ohio 
BSA Troop 390 - Fairlawn, Ohio 
BSA Troop 390 - Fairlawn, Ohio 
BSA Troop 390 - Fairlawn, Ohio 
BSA Troop 390 - Fairlawn, Ohio 

Scout Oath

On my honor
I will do my best
To do my duty to God and my country
and to obey the
Scout Law;
To help other people
at all times; 

To keep myself
physically strong,
mentally awake, and morally straight.

Scout Law

A Scout is trustworthy, loyal, helpful, friendly,
courteous, kind, obedient, cheerful, thrifty, brave, clean, and reverent.

Updated Feburary 23

Next Campout: Tuscazor (Dover) - March 18th- 20th

Complete Troop 390 Calendar - Updated with 2016 plans

Upcoming Campouts
Tim Knight

Mar 18-20 Tuscazoar (Dover)
April 28–May 1
West Point Camporee (New York)
May 20-22
Vertical Reality – rappelling (Findley)
June 17-24
Muskingum & New River Gorge High Adventure (West Virginia)
July 17-23
Summer Camp (Manatoc)
Aug 13
Towpath Bike Ride & train return
Sep 16-18
MAPS Air Museum (Aviation MB) (North Canton)

Spaghetti Dinner
Lorri Baughman & Dawn Nabors

Spaghetti Dinner preparations are underway!  With just over a week to go before the big event on Saturday March 5th, there is much to do.

Each scout family is asked to bring baked goods to the spaghetti dinner bake sale table. Items can be dropped off after 3pm. Items such as cookies, brownies, cakes, cupcakes, & pies are all popular with our guests.

Parent planning meetings are as follows:
2/23/16 7:15-8:15pm - progress
3/2/16 7:15-8:15pm final progress, scout training
3/5/16 3:00-9:00pm The 23rd Annual Troop 390
Spaghetti Dinner (seating hours 4:30-7:00)

If you are unable to attend the meetings, please contact our co-chairs, Lorri Baughman at lorri.baughman@hotmail.com & Dawn Nabors at dawnabors@aol.com for ways you can get involved.

The Winter Fellowship will be held on March 12, 2016 from 3:00 – 5:00 at Kendall Cliffs located at 50 Kendall Park Road in Penninsula, OH.The cost is $25.00/person.

Join us for the Marnoc Lodge winter fellowship.  This year our fellowship will be a one day event at  Kendall Cliffs. We will rock climb on a 7,000 square foot wall, eat pizza, and meet other Arrowmen. The $25.00 fee covers all equipment, entry, and food for the afternoon. Feel free to attend even if you do not have any past experience climbing. Be sure to bring a friend from the OA and help them get active this year.

For those Arrowmen who have never attended a fellowship join us for this one and find out how fun the Order of the Arrow can be. If you have never been to Kendall Cliffs visit their website at http://www.kendallcliffs.com/ Be sure to fill out the waiver form on their website which can be found at: http://www.kendallcliffs.com/waiver/

For any questions or concerns, direct them to the Vice Chief of Program vc_program@marnoc.org

Merit Badges

Chemistry MB – 6:00 – 7:00 pm 3/8 & 3/15. It is recommended that Scouts be First Class or higher and willing to put forth the effort to complete everything between two Troop meetings. This is a very good Merit Badge, but it requires some work. Mr. Neumann, the Counselor, is an Eagle Scout and an Akron Police Officer who works with Mr. Criss.  Scouts are expected to participate and pay attention.

Welding MB – Scouts must complete the safety requirement with Mr. Mularcik before you can schedule the Welding portion. He cannot wait much longer, if you want to do the MB. Come prepared to the Troop meeting.


Thanks to all the Adults who volunteered their time at the Klondike. We had a really good Scout participation this year. Unfortunately it was 15 degrees Friday night and by noon Saturday it was in the 40s. It made for a Mud Fest. The best temperature is 26 degrees with a foot of snow!

Newsletter Items

To add items to the monthly newsletter, contact Paula at bnpwood4@gmail.com

Scoutmaster's Minute
Jim Horvath

Re-charter -It is hard to believe that it is time to recharter the Troop and its youth and adult members.  Re-charter must be done by March 10. I will be calling some Scouts and Adults who have not been participating recently to see whether they want to continue their membership. Each Scout’s membership and Boy’s Life subscription is paid for by the Troop.  We do not collect specifically for these fees as long as the Scout and his family participate in the Troop’s two major fundraisers, the popcorn sale and the spaghetti dinner. Troop 390 is the only unit I know that does this.

Troop Hoodies – We are getting Troop hoodies for the West Point Camporee. Please read the West Point article in this Newsletter. The hoodies will be embroidered with the new Troop logo and sold at cost to anyone in the Troop who wishes to buy one. They will be ordered for the West Point Trip, as they are required. So this is the opportune time to order for all who want them. We will have order forms, possibly at the meeting this Tuesday and they will be available until we place the order about April 1. There are several styles and sizes pricings, but the basic pullover hoodie will cost $18. These are good quality Gildan 6 oz. products.

Troop Committee meetings – The meeting Sunday, February 21st was well attended by the Committee and parents. I hope the parents that attended for the first time got a better feel for what it takes to run a Scouting Unit. Remember all parents are invited to attend committee meetings.

Youth Protection Training - YPT was offered before the Committee meeting this month, because each Adult going to West Point must be trained. All registered Leaders must have YPT every 2 years and their training must be valid at re-charter each year. I recommend that each Parent take the training also.

West Point Camporee 4/28/16 – 5/1/16

Plans are underway for this trip. 48 people are going on this trip from our troop. That is really great for this wonderful opportunity! We will be taking a bus to West Point. No one will be driving personal vehicles. This makes it more efficient to keep our tight time schedule. We will be ordering troop hoodies for our trip. Each person attending the West Point Camporee is required to purchase one. The hoodies will be offered to all Scouts and Adults in Troop 390. It is a great way to recognize our Troop at all of our activities. With 6,500 Scouts at West Point we feel the hoodies are important. A parent/Scout meeting will be scheduled as soon as we get the next communication from West Point. We have tentatively identified our itinerary but will confirm and publish it soon. Stay tuned! The $50 fee is only about half the cost but the troop plans to cover the balance.

2016 High Adventure 6/17/16 - 6/24/16

Muskingum & New River Gorge in West Virginia. This trip will involve 3 days of canoeing on the Muskingum River and 4 days at Ace Adventures in West Virginia, where we will do white water rafting, rock climbing and rappelling, and possibly horse back riding. In the free time, Scouts can swim in a great lake with a zip line and water features. Scouts must be first class, attend canoeing training and rappelling training before the trip. Estimated cost: $450.00. A payment plan of $75/month starts now. Don’t miss out! Deadline to sign up is March 1st!

Important Dates to Remember

3/5/16 Spaghetti Dinner Fundraiser 3:00 – 9:00
3/13/16 Troop committee meeting 7:00 pm
3/25/16 Camp Manatoc Fish Fry 5:00 – 7:00 pm


High Adventure Trip 2016

Muskingum & New River Gorge

West Virginia

Download Slide Show on our 2016 High Adventure

Departure date: June 17, 2016
Return date: June 24, 2016


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Administrative Items

**Next troop committee meeting will be Mar 13, 2016 7:00 p.m. at the church library.


To add items to a newsletter, contact Paula at bnpwood4@gmail.com

Any Questions? Call or email Jim Horvath 330-283-4422 or jhorvath99@aol.com.


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