Welcome to the official Web site of  Boy Scout Troop 390 . We are chartered by Faith Lutheran Church of Fairlawn, Ohio. We belong to the Old Portage District in the Great Trail Council of the Boy Scouts of America.

BSA Troop 390 - Fairlawn, Ohio 
BSA Troop 390 - Fairlawn, Ohio 
BSA Troop 390 - Fairlawn, Ohio 
BSA Troop 390 - Fairlawn, Ohio 
BSA Troop 390 - Fairlawn, Ohio 
BSA Troop 390 - Fairlawn, Ohio 
BSA Troop 390 - Fairlawn, Ohio 
BSA Troop 390 - Fairlawn, Ohio 
BSA Troop 390 - Fairlawn, Ohio 
BSA Troop 390 - Fairlawn, Ohio 
BSA Troop 390 - Fairlawn, Ohio 
BSA Troop 390 - Fairlawn, Ohio 
BSA Troop 390 - Fairlawn, Ohio 
BSA Troop 390 - Fairlawn, Ohio 

Scout Oath

On my honor
I will do my best
To do my duty to God and my country
and to obey the
Scout Law;
To help other people
at all times; 

To keep myself
physically strong,
mentally awake, and morally straight.

Scout Law

A Scout is trustworthy, loyal, helpful, friendly,
courteous, kind, obedient, cheerful, thrifty, brave, clean, and reverent.

Updated March 31st - New Photos Here!

Next Campout: April 25 - 26 - Wright-Patterson Museum (Dayton)

Complete Troop 390 Calendar - Updated with 2015/2016 plans

Upcoming Campouts
Tim Knight

April 25-26 Wright-Patterson Museum (Dayton)
May 15-17 West Branch Campout & Backpack trip (2 separate trips at same location)
July 19-25 Summer Camp (Manatoc)
August 14-16 Hill n Dale Fishing Campout (Medina)
Sept 18-20 OP Camporee-Loyal Oak Lake
Oct 17-18 Laural Caverns (Geology MB)
Nov 13-15 Camp Butler Campout
Dec 4-6 Klondike Warm up at Beaumont (Rock Creek, OH)

High Adventure Trips 2015:
June 17 - 30
Philmont (New Mexico)
June 22 - 28
Allegheny Passage Bike Trip (PA)

High Adenture Trip 2016:
Bike Trek

Upcoming Merit Badges

3-31-15 Photography MB – last classfor 1st group

4-3-15 Law MB - 8 am – 3:45 in Canton-Cost $12 You must register online by 11:59p.m. April 2, at www.buckeyecouncil.org/Event.aspx?id=1813

4-7-15 Archaeology MB – last class

Spaghetti Dinner Fundraiser
Patti Renner, Dawn Nabors, Lori Baughman

Thanks to all who helped at the Spaghetti dinner fundraiser. We sold about 325 dinners and raised $7,000. Thanks to all to donated baked goods and raffle items.

Cooking Merit Badge
Jim Horvath

Scouts working on cooking merit badge must have their menus approved by Mrs. Bechtel or Mr. Portteus at least 10 days ahead of a campout.That means the complete Section 5 for cooking at camp, i.e., three full days of meals and one dessert.

Scouts must prepare all the food at the campout and purchase all necessary supplies for the cooking. The Troop will reimburse you for the cost of the food. No chopping or cooking is to be done ahead of time. Scouts are required to stay all weekend at the campout if doing cooking merit badge.

Allegheny Passage Bike Trip
Andre Portteus & Tim Knight

Troop 390 is offering a bike trek as a second high adventure this summer from 6/22 – 6/28. Cost of the trip will be about $250 per scout, including white water rafting. Registration form (available at Troop meeting) and $50.00 deposit required toreserve your spot on the trip. Payments of $100 each due by April 28 and May 26. Scouts interested should contact Mr. Portteus or Mr. Orchosky.

Camp Card Sales

Great Trail Council will have camp cards available for scouts to sell in March. Cards sell for $5.00 and scouts will earn $2.00 of the $5.00 towards their scout account for each card that they sell. These cards are good for area restaurants and stores to get a discount.

Scouts Earning T-2-1
Brent Bartlett

Scouts working on Tenderfoot, Second Class, or First Class requirements should bring their scout handbook to EVERY scout meeting (and remember to take it home, too!) They need the book so they know what they need to work on and can have completed requirements “signed-off”.

Scout Code of Conduct

The scout code of conduct will be distributed to each scout at an upcoming meeting. Scouts and parents are asked to read the code of conduct and to sign and return it to Jim Horvath at a troop meeting.

Newsletter Items

To add items to the monthly newsletter, contact Paula at bnpwood4@gmail.com

Scoutmaster's Minute
Jim Horvath

Troop Elections for Senior Patrol Leader and Patrol Leaders will be held at the March 31 Troop meeting. All other leadership positions are appointed. Each Scout 1st Class or higher must fulfill the duties of a leadership position to advanceto the next rank.

Summer camp is just around the corner. This is a highlight of the summer for most Scouts. It is an opportunity for advancement and earning Merit Badges. The earlybird fee of $245.00 is due by May 12. After that the fee goes to $265.00 until 10 days before camp when the fee becomes $290.00.

BSA Annual Health and Medical Record form is required to be on file at the Troop for each Scout and adult leader who participates in the Troop. We take the Medical Record form with us on all camp outs. Summer Camp requires that we bring that form for their review and keeping while we are at camp. The fillable form is available at the National Scout Site or on the Troop Website. This is a three part form, Parts A& B are completed by a parent and Part C requires a physical by a physician, nurse practitioner or physician assist. Sports or school physicals are not accepted. Part C must be signed by the doctor no earlier than July 20, 2014, to be valid for Summer Camp.

Items Left at Klondike

Scouts are always leaving nice items at campouts. Cups, bowls, eating utensils and water bottles are the most common. Rarely does anyone inquire about their lost items. Three items left at the Klondike were a Fleece Scarf, a Fleece Face Protector and a nice single glove. Please claim by April 14 or they will be donated to Goodwill.

Engineering Career Day

Goodyear is holding an engineering career day 4/18/15 8:00 – 2:30 for people wanting to explore engineering as a career. More information and registration is available at: www.goodyear.com/careerday.

ACME Cash Back
Cathy Savage

Acme cash back receipt turn in was very low this year. It was a great opportunity for scouts to earn money for their scout account.

Philmont High Adventure
Tim Knight

The following is the payment plan set for the trip:
3/31/15 $350.00 5/31/15 $350.00
Please make checks payable to “Troop 390.”

Warm up hikes will be on Sundays at 1:30 starting 3/22 and Thursdays at 6:00pm starting 4/9/15. We will email the trails a few days before each hike. Philmont medical forms are due by April 30. You can find the forms online at www.philmontscoutranch.org. You must use the Philmont medical form!

The next Philmont meeting at Mantoc is early May.

Welcome New Scouts

Seven Webelos crossed-over from Pack 3390 and become Boy Scouts in Troop 390. They are Toby Baranek, Dylan Haywood, Andrew Kello, Ben Mostoller, Mark Nester, William Stobb and Michael Whalen. Let’s all welcome them to Troop 390. They are the Squirrel Patrol!.

Communications Merit Badge
Patti Renner

Communications merit badge will begin soon. Scouts who recently completed this badge, please return your books to Mrs. Renner at a troop meeting or the spaghetti dinner.


PLC’s will continue to be held the 1st Tuesday of each month at 6:00 pm. Scouts with leadership positions are asked to attend to help plan the next month’s troop activities.


High Adventure Trip 2015

Philmont Backing Trip

Cimarron, NM

Departure date: June 17, 2015
Return date: June 30, 2015


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Administrative Items

**Next troop committee meeting will be May 3rd, 2015 7:00 p.m. at the church library.


To add items to a newsletter, contact Paula at bnpwood4@gmail.com

Any Questions? Call or email Jim Horvath 330-283-4422 or jhorvath99@aol.com.


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