The gate of Camp ManatocTroop 390 schedules a campout just about every month of the year.  Scouts are expected to regularly attend campouts as a sign of scout spirit and participation.

Most of our campouts are located at Boy Scout reservations and state parks in Ohio. We occasionally camp out-of-state to locations such as the Allegheny National Forrest and Laurel Caverns in Pennsylvania.  High Adventure camp outs are usually held out-of-state.  Check our High Adventure page for more information.

All of our campouts are programmed for advancement or high-adventure preparation. One "have fun" campout, where the scouts experience a more relaxed agenda, is scheduled once a year, usually in the Fall at Camp Manatoc.

Scouts sleep in tents for most Troop 390 campouts.  We occasionally stay in cabins.

A permission slip is needed for all campouts.  Permission slips are handed out at Troop meetings. You can also obtain a generic permission slip on our Forms page.

You can find gear lists for cold and warm weather campouts and summer camp on our forms page.

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